Another Group Was Using The “Zero Click” NSO Group Exploit

I woke up this morning to the news to a Reuters report that a second group were using the NSO Group’s “Zero Click” exploit that Apple ended up suing the NSO Group over:

QuaDream, the sources said, is a smaller and lower profile Israeli firm that also develops smartphone hacking tools intended for government clients.

The two rival businesses gained the same ability last year to remotely break into iPhones, according to the five sources, meaning that both firms could compromise Apple phones without an owner needing to open a malicious link. That two firms employed the same sophisticated hacking technique – known as a “zero-click” – shows that phones are more vulnerable to powerful digital spying tools than the industry will admit, one expert said.

One thing that I should point out is that fixes which Apple rolled out with iOS 14.8 and later should also prevent QuaDream’s exploit from working going forward. But one has to ask this question. Will Apple go after QuaDream the way they went after The NSO Group? All I have to say is that Apple better go after them with the same visor, or they will look like they’re asleep at the switch.

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