Facebook Now Says It’s Not Threatening To Leave Europe…. But Europe Should #DeleteFacebook Anyway

A couple of days ago, news surfaced that if Meta/Facebook didn’t get its way in terms of processing EU data in the US, they would pull out of Europe. And when European politicians heard that, they were fine with that. Now it seems that Meta/Facebook has changed its tune via this blog post which is written by Markus Reinisch, Vice President of Public Policy Europe at Meta/Facebook:

There has been reporting in the press that we are “threatening” to leave Europe because of the uncertainty over EU-US data transfers mechanisms. This is not true. Like all publicly-traded companies, we are legally required to disclose material risks to our investors. Last week, as we have done in our previous four financial quarters, we disclosed that continuing uncertainty over EU-US data transfers mechanisms poses a threat to our ability to serve European consumers and operate our business in Europe. We have absolutely no desire to withdraw from Europe; of course we don’t. But the simple reality is that Meta, like many other businesses, organisations and services, relies on data transfers between the EU and the US in order to operate our global services.

The way I read this is that Meta/Facebook tried to bluff the EU by saying “We’ll take our ball and leave if we don’t get what we want, and your businesses who rely on our advertising and exposure will all wither and die and you’ll lose tax revenue.” The EU in response called their bluff by saying “Great. The door is over there. Don’t let it hit you on the way out.” Now Meta/Facebook is trying to gracefully walk this back.


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