A New Reason To #DeleteSpotify …. Joe Rogan Speaks About Child Sex Abuse And It Doesn’t Go Well

I am beginning to wonder what it will take for Joe Rogan to be punted from Spotify. Or put another way, what line does he have to cross before Spotify says that having him on their platform isn’t worth it. I ask this question because Yahoo News has a story on the latest source of outrage related to Rogan via his latest podcast episode. Brace yourselves:

Speaking with stand-up comic Akaash Singh during a three-hour interview, Rogan said that boys who have sexual relationships with older women are “going to be fine” provided that the woman is not “gross”.

The pair discussed a female friend of Rogan’s who allegedly had an affair with a 30-year-old teacher when she was in high school, and the songs that have inspired men to write about lusting after underage women.

Referencing The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” or Gene Simmons “Christine Sixteen”, Rogan noted: “No one would write a song about that today. You’d be like, wait a minute, are you saying you want to f*** kids? Is that your song? Hey! No! I’m not gonna – I’m just saying don’t stand so close to me.”

Rogan continued that the “crazy thing” is that “no one gives a f*** if it’s a 15-year-old boy and a 30-year-old lady” before Singh interjected: “G’s up.”

I seriously need a shower after reading that because this is just gross and wrong on so many levels. Including the fact that if you look at Spotify’s own platform rules, this appears to violate those rules. Let me illustrate what rule he’s violated:

And what happens if you break those rules? This is what is supposed to happen:

As far as I am aware, Rogan’s podcast is still there.

So I once again ask this question. At what point does Spotify decide that Rogan needs to be punted from their platform? Or is Daniel Ek (CEO of Spotify) and company simply holding their noses while they hope that their $100 million gamble pays off for them. Assuming that the world doesn’t join the #DeleteSpotify movement first.

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