Adding To The Reasons To #DeleteSpotify Are Accusations That They Are Pushing Anti-Vax Content To Subscribers

There’s a song by Jay-Z called “99 Problems”. Well Spotify has at least 99 problems and adding to that list is this story from The Guardian where they are now being accused of pushing anti-vax content to subscribers:

Songs that claim Covid-19 is fake and describe the vaccines as “poison” are being actively promoted to Spotify users in playlists generated by its content recommendation engine.

Tracks found on the world’s largest music streaming service explicitly encourage people not to get vaccinated and say those who do are “slaves”, “sheep”, and victims of Satan. Others call for an uprising, urging listeners to “fight for your life”.

“They fooled the whole world with PCR testing. The thought police are patrolling. Can’t you see what’s unfolding?” say the lyrics of another, adding: “The whole thing ends once the people have risen.”

Spotify this weekend removed several of the songs flagged to it by the Observer, which it said breached rules banning content that promotes “dangerous, false, or deceptive content about Covid-19” that may pose a threat to public health.

Before being removed, the songs could be easily found using keywords through Spotify’s search tool. But they were also actively promoted to users who express interest in similar songs via automatically generated playlists, potentially bringing them to a far wider audience.

So in short, Spotify isn’t policing this content at all. And only when they get caught in a “gotcha” moment do they remove the content. Unless you’re Joe Rogan of course. As much as I’d like to think that Spotify is just asleep at the switch here, my ability to get them the benefit of the doubt went out the door when they sided with Joe Rogan and all the various issues he brings to Spotify. I think it’s becoming clear which side of the fence that Spotify is on. Which means that if you don’t like what they are all about, and you’re a subscriber of Spotify, you should just #DeleteSpotify.

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