ESET Launches New Brand Identity & Tagline

For more than 30 years, ESET — a global digital security company — has been watching technology progress, change people’s lives and transform the way people do business every day. 

And for more than 30 years, ESET has been protecting it.

ESET announced today the launch of its new visual identity and tagline to represent the role it has played in the progress that digital technology has enabled – in short, a force for progress. That is why ESET is refreshing its brand and tagline to Progress. Protected. 

With progress in technology come new threats, and every bit of innovation creates new opportunities for those with malicious intent.ESET protects against those malicious intentions so that progressions in technology can help companies become smarter, more profitable and more efficient.

As part of its brand refresh, ESET has chosen a handful of thought leaders whose expertise is unique and directly linked to progress and technology, and highly regarded in their fields of expertise. 

These thought leaders provide their own take and insights on what progress in technology means and will contribute to ESET’s narrative about progress and its impact on business, society, culture and the environment. These thought leaders include:

  • Chris Hadfield, astronaut, engineer, pilot, and author of four international bestsellers– for his work in promoting technological progress and innovation via collaboration, and his unique perspective on our world. Read more here.
  • Dr. Mimi Ito, cultural anthropologist, Professor in Residence at the Humanities Research Institute at the University of California – for her research into and promotion of youth enablement in technology for a safe and progressive future.
  • Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, marine biologist, co-founder of the non-profit think tank Urban Ocean Lab, co-founder of the climate initiative The All We Can Save Project and co-creator of the podcast How to Save a Planet – for her work in ocean conservation and raising awareness of climate solutions to secure the future of our planet. 
  • Steven Johnson, author of thirteen books focusing on the intersection of science, technology and personal experience, and host of the PBS/BBC series How We Got To Now and Extra Life – for his research into the history of transformative ideas and the role diversity plays in creating the most innovative solutions for the present and future. 

Visit to learn more.

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