Salesforce & Amazon Web Services Partner For Next-Generation Video Streaming

Today Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a customizable direct-to-customer offering for next-generation video streaming and monetization. 

Building and scaling a profitable D2C streaming service that helps content distributors manage the customer lifecycle remains a complex task. This is because attracting and retaining a diverse audience while delivering consistent high-quality video content represent a few of the challenges content distributors still face. 

To help alleviate some of these pain points, Salesforce and AWS’s new D2C offering combines high-quality video streaming technology with unique viewer data and feedback analysis tools to enable content distributors to deliver more personalized viewer experiences.

Key Features

  • More Integrated, Personalized Experiences: Content distributors can personalize viewer experiences while driving new subscriber acquisition, generating incremental revenues while increasing customer loyalty, retention, and support.  
  • Increased Retention and Additional Insights into Viewer Intelligence: Content distributors gain deeper insight into subscriber engagement with content such as clickstream actions or likes and dislikes on specific content recommendations served up to a subscriber. 
  • Configurable Platform to Easily Support Innovation: Content distributors now have a view into the entire subscriber journey and engagement with their content from start to finish.

For further information see here.

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