Clearview AI Brags About Being Able To Ensure “Almost Everyone In The World Will Be Identifiable”

I’ve written about Clearview AI before. And the fact that when it comes to violating your privacy, they’re right up there with Meta/Facebook. Well after reading this Washington Post story, I have to say that Meta/Facebook doesn’t seem so bad compared to these clowns:

Clearview AI is telling investors it is on track to have 100 billion facial photos in its database within a year, enough to ensure “almost everyone in the world will be identifiable,” according to a financial presentation from December obtained by The Washington Post. 

Those images — equivalent to 14 photos for each of the 7 billion people on Earth — would help power a surveillance system that has been used for arrests and criminal investigations by thousands of law enforcement and government agencies around the world. And the company wants to expand beyond scanning faces for the police, saying in the presentation that it could monitor “gig economy” workers and is researching a number of new technologies that could identify someone based on how they walk, detect their location from a photo or scan their fingerprints from afar. 

The 55-page “pitch deck,” the contents of which have not been reported previously, reveals surprising details about how the company, whose work already is controversial, is positioning itself for a major expansion, funded in large part by government contracts and the taxpayers the system would be used to monitor. The document was made for fundraising purposes, and it is unclear how realistic its goals might be. The company said that its “index of faces” has grown from 3 billion images to more than 10 billion since early 2020 and that its data collection system now ingests 1.5 billion images a month.

With $50 million from investors, the company said, it could bulk up its data collection powers to 100 billion photos, build new products, expand its international sales team and pay more toward lobbying government policymakers to “develop favorable regulation.”

Doesn’t that make you feel creeped out? It sure makes me feel creeped out. The only solution is to make sure that this company is regulated to death so that it makes their business model is made non-viable. And if I had to place bets on who might be likely to do that, I would say that the EU would be the ones that would to take the lead on that because they simply don’t tolerate violations of privacy. But It would mean a lot more if the US which is where Clearview AI is based did something as it would send a clear message that this sort of business model is unacceptable.

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