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Ukraine Using Clearview AI Tech To Fight Russia

March 14, 2022

To be honest, I am not sure how I feel about this news that Ukraine has apparently turned to Clearview AI to help them fight Russia: Ukraine’s defense ministry on Saturday began using Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology, the company’s chief executive told Reuters, after the U.S. startup offered to uncover Russian assailants, combat misinformation and […]

Clearview AI Set To Get A Patent…. Which Is All Sorts Of Wrong

December 7, 2021

I haven’t written about notorious facial recognition company Clearview AI in some time. But they’re back in the news as it looks like that they are going to get a patent for some of their tech: Clearview AI, the notorious facial recognition company which has partneredwith over 2,400 law enforcement agencies across the U.S, is about […]

Clearview AI Brags About Being Able To Ensure “Almost Everyone In The World Will Be Identifiable”

February 19, 2022

I’ve written about Clearview AI before. And the fact that when it comes to violating your privacy, they’re right up there with Meta/Facebook. Well after reading this Washington Post story, I have to say that Meta/Facebook doesn’t seem so bad compared to these clowns: Clearview AI is telling investors it is on track to have 100 […]

Surprise! Clearview AI Broke Canadian Privacy Laws…. Not That They Care

February 4, 2021

Clearview AI is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. It has come to light in the last 24 hours that the company who is known for scraping social media for pictures so that it can use them to power its facial recognition tech for various law enforcement agencies has a product that […]

Bye Bye, So Long, Farewell…. Clearview AI Leaves Canada

July 7, 2020

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner has announced that facial recognition software provider Clearview AI will no longer offer its services in the country. Let’s break this announcement down: Clearview AI has advised Canadian privacy protection authorities that, in response to their joint investigation, it will cease offering its facial recognition services in Canada. This step includes the indefinite […]

Good News… Clearview AI Lets Canadians Opt Out Of Their Service….. But There’s Bad News

July 13, 2020

I’ve previously written about Clearview AI and how they treat Canadians who have had their faces sucked up into their facial recognition database. In short, while Canadians could find out if they were in the database, they could not opt out. CBC News is reporting that Canadians can now opt out, which is good news: […]

Canadians Can Ask Clearview AI If Their Photos Are In Their Database…. But You May Not Be Able To Get Them Deleted

June 10, 2020

The CBC is reporting that controversial U.S.-based facial recognition technology firm Clearview AI is apparently allowing Canadians to check whether their face appears in the company’s image database. But you might not be able to delete them. Here’s the details that a CBC reporter got from the company: Last week, a CBC News reporter submitted […]

RCMP Cops To Using Clearview AI Facial Recognition Tech

February 28, 2020

You might recall that I posted a story on Toronto Police being ordered by their chief to stop using facial recognition tech from a controversial company named Clearview AI. This is a company who has a massive database of faces that they’ve scraped from places like Facebook and Twitter, violating those platforms terms of service […]

Toronto Cops Admit To Using Controversial Clearview AI Software… Why Everyone Needs To Care About This

February 14, 2020

Global News is reporting that the Toronto Police Service was using Clearview AI. This is  is a controversial facial recognition tool. It uses images scraped from social media and other websites to cross-reference uploaded images of people. The system reportedly has three billion photos on its database. This apparently had been going on for months […]

IBM Is Out Of The Facial Recognition Business Citing Racial Profiling Issues Among Others

June 9, 2020

A bombshell dropped earlier today from IBM who announced that they are getting out of the facial recognition business. This news came via IBM CEO Arvind Krishna in a letter to Congress today. Here’s the reasons why: IBM no longer offers general purpose IBM facial recognition or analysis software. IBM firmly opposes and will not condone […]