Life360 Says Tile Sales Are Down…. But It’s Apple’s Fault

Here’s a new one. Life 360 who now owns the Tile Bluetooth trackers say that sales are down, and their stock value has fallen. But it’s all Apple’s fault because of the fact that AirTags can be used to stalk people. This is what Life 360 CEO Chris Hull said:

“We’re watching the privacy concerns relating to Apple AirTags and stalking risks,” Hull told investors on a call on Thursday.

“The scrutiny Apple is facing in the press is moderating growth of the category overall.”

While Hull was careful to point out the news does not change Life360’s ability to drive subscription growth through the Tile integration, he noted it could slow down the company’s hardware sales strategy and had in fact already hit Tile’s sales numbers.

“This may be a headwind for standalone hardware sales until the situation resolves and the category is able to more fully emerge,” he said.

I call BS on that because this is the same company that sells the precise location data of their customers as part of their business model. And when that came to light they had to alter what data they sold because of the blowback from the public. So perhaps the truth is that it’s not Apple’s fault, it’s the business model that is at fault. Because while Apple doesn’t disclose how many AirTags they sell, anecdotal evidence suggests that they are selling just fine unlike Tile trackers. So maybe Mr. Hull needs to get his house in order as clearly the purchase of Tile isn’t paying dividends.

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