Russia Bans Twitter

Russia’s attempts to cut its citizens off from the outside world continues with news that they have start to block Twitter in the country. The news comes from Interfax which is a Russian news agency:

The social network Twitter has been blocked in Russian territory, Roskomnadzor (RKN) said.

In line with RKN’s service for checking blocks of webpages and websites, access to the online resource is restricted across Russia based on the Prosecutor General’s Office demand dated February 24.

RKN has earlier reported that Facebook was fully blocked across Russia.

Roskomnadzor can be considered to be Russia’s FCC if you’re American. In any case, perhaps it’s also retaliation for Twitter dropping the hammer on this:

Apparently after this hashtag started trending, a bunch of Twitter accounts got suspended. Russia might not be happy about that.

This is the only response that I could find from Twitter:

It’s pretty clear that Russia really doesn’t want its citizens to get news from outside of Russia. And they are willing to go to any length to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

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