Wikimedia Says Nyet To The Russians

The Wikimedia Foundation has been “approached” by the Russian government to significantly alter their coverage of the Russia/Ukraine war on Wikipedia. The Russian arm of The Wikimedia Foundation put this demand in a Tweet which I have taken the liberty of translating for you:

Roskomnadzor is Russia’s communications agency. Sort of like the FCC in the United States. Or the CRTC in Canada. According to The Verge, Wikimedia has pretty much told the Russian government where to go and how to get there:

“On March 1st 2022 the Wikimedia Foundation received a Russian government demand to remove content related to the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine posted by volunteer contributors to Russian Wikipedia,” reads the statement sent to The Verge via email. “As ever, Wikipedia is an important source of reliable, factual information in this crisis. In recognition of this important role, we will not back down in the face of efforts to censor and intimidate members of our movement. We stand by our mission to deliver free knowledge to the world.”

The Russians are really trying to keep the outside world from letting Russian citizens know what is really going on. It’s as if they are trying to hide something from their citizens. #sarcasm

In any case, I for one am happy that The Wikimedia Foundation isn’t backing down from Russia. You have to stand up to bullies like Russia so that they know that their behaviour is not acceptable in a civilized society.

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