When It Comes To #AppleEvent, The Rumour Mill Pretty Much Much Got Everything Right

Apple just had their “Peek Performance” event and it seems that the rumours were largely correct. With one or two exceptions. So, let’s take my predictions from this article and see what I got right:

  • New iPhone SE: This one was pretty much nailed on. Apple released a new iPhone SE with an A15 processor, 5G, and camera upgrades. Just like the rumours said that they would.
  • New iPad Air: This too was pretty much nailed on as it got 5G as expected. The thing that caught some off guard was the fact that they put an M1 processor in it to make it a poor mans iPad Pro.
  • A new colour for the iPhone 13 along with new cases: The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro got a green color. As expected. As for cases, there appear to new cases on Apple.com that match what was leaked.
  • New Macs: I sort of got this one right. I said that one Mac would be released. And I said it was the Mac Mini. But the rumours of a new Mac called the Mac Studio leaked out late last week and came true today. This Mac Mini on steroids has the new M1 Ultra chip which is a pair of M1 Max chips which give you up to 128 GB of memory, 20 CPU cores, 64 GPU cores and 4 media engines, But it still has the best power to watt ratio says Apple. And it’s a safe bet that Pat Gelsinger who is the CEO of Intel is freaking out right now as this chip promises to destroy anything Intel makes.
  • No M2 MacBook Pro: I didn’t see this happening as I figured that Apple would want the M2 to have its own event. And surprise. It didn’t happen.
  • Wildcards: The Apple Studio Display was the wildcard. It has an A13 processor built in along with 6 speakers, a camera with Center Stage, studio quality mics, and 5K resolution. Strangely Apple didn’t mention the refresh rate. Thus I have to assume it is 60 Hz. Because if it was a ProMotion display, Apple would have made a big deal about it. Though rumours of that leaked out over the weekend as well.

In short, the rumour mill was right. Which means that Apple should hire a plumber or two as they have a serious leaking problem in their environment.

Now with every Apple Event there are products that get killed. I just took a look at Apple.com and the 27″ iMac with an Intel chip is now gone. Thus leaving the Mac Pro as the only Mac with Intel Inside. But clearly its days are numbered as Apple teased that a Mac Pro with Apple Silicon was coming at another event. WWDC perhaps?

So, what didn’t get leaked? We’ll there’s the new Apple Watch Bands for spring to match the new iPhone cases. Though, Apple does have a history of putting out new bands at the same time that they put out new cases. So that’s likely not that big of a deal. But what also didn’t get leaked was Apple cutting a deal with Major League Baseball to have exclusive Friday night games on Apple TV+. There were rumours of that about a week ago. But the way it sounded, Apple wasn’t close to a deal. Thus this was the closest thing to a surprise that this event had.

So what are you most excited about from today’s Apple event? Post a comment and share your thoughts.

UPDATE: The Intel Mac Mini also appears to still be available. Strange.

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