Bill Splitting On Uber Eats Is Here

As pandemic restrictions lift and people begin to safely gather again and workers return to the office, Uber Eats has created three new features to help people effortlessly share meals together.

  • Bill splitting: Uber knows when people get together, they order meals through Uber Eats. They also know that they don’t always like the financial responsibility of footing the bill. They get it. Now, for the first time ever on the app, you can create a group order and split the bill. Once you (the host) select a restaurant, you can invite others to join the order and decide whether to pay for everyone or split the bill. 
  • Deadlines: Once a host creates a group order, they can set a checkout deadline that works best for their crew. Deadlines can be set up to seven days in advance, so everyone has plenty of time to get their order in. Hosts can ‘set it and forget it’ with auto-checkouts at the deadline, or opt to place the order manually when the deadline expires.
  • Auto-reminders: Say goodbye to constantly reminding people to place their order. Let Uber Eats do that for you! The app will remind everyone to get their orders in on time, so you don’t have to.

Fare-splitting in the Uber Rides app is a beloved feature, thus Uber is particularly thrilled to bring this common-sense functionality to Eats.

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