A Significant Gap In Cyber Incident Response Is Communication

Effectively communicating during a cyber breach is crucial for companies to beat any misinformation. Organizations often fail to disclose details of a cyber breach because they don’t know what happened or have the tools to fight cyberattacks. While legislation like this forces companies to report such incidents, it’s pretty clear that companies need to do more on the communication front. David Masson of Darktrace agrees:

Organizations can be slow or hesitant in getting their message out after experiencing a cyber incident, and this can sometimes give an impression of reluctance to say anything at all, which sows seeds of doubt. In this world of communication immediacy, businesses should have disclosure as part of their cyber response plans and be ready to discuss the incident as soon and as openly as possible in the public domain. Strong and confident communications that promptly offer clear and accurate information will help avoid mistakes or other narratives becoming the truth and instead drive home reassurance about what has happened, how the organization is remedying the situation and the fact that the business is in charge of its future. A failure to disclose or disclose appropriately won’t actually stop eventual disclosure, but it won’t be on your terms, and you won’t have control of the message.

That’s helpful advice and something that business should build into their plans for dealing with a cyber incident. On top of having the proper defences in place to keep a cyber incident from happening.

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