Rosneft Energy Plant Hit With A Cyber Attack

German newspaper die Welt is reporting ‘Hackers meet German Rosneft (translation here) subsidiary’, citing Germany’s BSI cybersecurity watchdog, which issued a cybersecurity warning to companies in the energy sector after a cyber attack occurred sometime between Friday night and early Saturday morning. While the attack has currently not effected Rosneft’s business or the supply situation, the company’s systems have been affected. And it’s thought that the hacker collective Anonymous might be behind this as the company has a relationship with Russia. Who aren’t the most popular people at the moment.

Saryu Nayyar, CEO and Founder, Gurucul had this to say:

 “With the global opposition to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I doubt there is much sympathy for Rosneft, even as a subsidiary in Germany. This attack shows that globally, threat actor groups and nation states are both potential disruptors to critical infrastructure or any private sector company. All organizations should stay vigilant and continue to invest in cyber security solutions that employ advanced analytics and automated detection and response to thwart threat actors from disrupting operations, stealing sensitive data, or detonating ransomware. Certainly, solutions that employ a large set of machine learning models that are self-training to adapt to newer attacks and techniques is absolutely critical.”

I for one will be interested to see what the damage of this hack is, and if it makes other German companies reconsider their security posture if they have a relationship with Russia.

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