Virtual Gurus Bridging Socio-Economic Disparities For Underrepresented Peoples

Virtual Gurus, a North American-based marketplace that matches organizations with skilled remote administrative talent while providing income earning opportunities to underrepresented individuals, announced the close of a combined $8.4 million Series A and non-dilutive funding round to support the company’s growth. Anchored by lead investor, the TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good, and supported by other key investors including Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, The51, The Houssian Foundation and Accelerate Fund, Virtual Gurus’ cumulative funding since February 2020 now totals $10.4 million. 

The funding raised in the Series A will see the team introduce machine learning into high return on investment areas of the business while continuing to expand its technology platform. The company’s proprietary matching algorithm is the core of its technology platform, augmented by administrative, client and virtual assistant portals that will provide each user group a robust experience. 

The funding will also help to fuel the company’s expansion into the United States, which currently accounts for 38 per cent of the company’s revenue, up exponentially from 3.6 per cent only nine months earlier. Operationalizing an enterprise offering that is expected to change the trajectory of the company’s growth will also be a major focus. The enterprise offering will provide larger organizations with a complete administrative talent solution, from recruiting, onboarding and training of assistants through to coaching for leaders on how to maximize assistant output via effective delegation.

Virtual Gurus creates meaningful earning opportunities for people seeking an alternative to the nine to five office work week, while also priding itself on championing BIPOC people, people from the LGBTQ2S+ community, single and stay-at-home parents, and those with alternate abilities. Companies such as OutTV, Borrowell and 3Strands Global Foundation have realized time and cost savings, gained productivity and supported their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) goals by accessing Virtual Gurus’ monthly subscription service and leveraging the administrative support they provide.

Beyond providing access to quality work opportunities and income, Virtual Gurus also supports work readiness through the Virtual Gurus Academy. Individuals can leverage the online learning opportunities to upskill and keep up with evolving technology to support their continued development as a virtual assistant.

With a dedicated focus on building and improving the company’s Talentplace platform, reducing reliance on third-party software, and replacing basic data management tools with sophisticated software to streamline processes, Virtual Gurus saw a revenue growth of 129 per cent in 2021 alone. They also reduced manual intervention and increased focus on clients and virtual assistant online experiences while garnering stronger sales and an increased pipeline of administrative professionals to support the growth ahead.

Virtual Gurus is a talent marketplace that leverages proprietary technology to match organizations with highly skilled Canadian and American virtual assistants. Whether your organization needs a dedicated assistant, special project support or help with occasional tasks, we’re your people. Learn more at

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