OVHcloud Launches Hosted Private Cloud Powered By Nutanix

OVHcloud and Nutanix, a global leader in hybrid multicloud computing, have partnered to offer Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix. This pre-installed solution running the Nutanix Cloud Platform is ready to use in a matter of hours, running on 100% dedicated and secure OVHcloud infrastructure. The scalable, all-inclusive platform is designed for organizations that want to migrate their applications quickly and easily to the cloud or embark on a hybrid multicloud journey by scaling their applications to cloud for seasonal demands and taking advantage of disaster recovery in the cloud. Customers can leverage a common software management plane from Nutanix tying their OVHcloud solution to the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

This new offering enhances OVHcloud Private Cloud portfolio and provides organizations with the combination of the proven services of the leading European cloud provider and the Nutanix’s Cloud Platform built on its industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure software. The Hosted Private Cloud portfolio allows companies to leverage a dedicated infrastructure that scales alongside business needs. The use of a market standard such as Nutanix frees organizations from technical lock-in and provides continuity outside an OVHcloud environment.

The OVHcloud infrastructure meets the highest security and data protection standards, in line with HDS, ISO27001, HIPAA, and the GDPR. In addition, OVHcloud infrastructure can help customers maintain data sovereignty.

Nutanix and OVHcloud team up to innovate cloud migration

Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix specifically addresses the needs of organizations that want to migrate their applications quickly and easily to the cloud. This helps them save time and improve productivity while remaining focused on their core business. The solution also fully integrates with a hybrid cloud strategy, securely tying cloud workloads to those that remain on-premises. Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix is also suitable for businesses wishing to implement a disaster recovery plan, since its secondary infrastructure can be switched to the cloud in just a few clicks. Finally, SMBs and large enterprises that experience seasonal variations in business can leverage this solution to absorb their peak loads in the cloud without investing heavily in on-premise infrastructure.

The best of both OVHcloud and Nutanix, the respective leaders in private cloud and hybrid multicloud.

The Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix solution is a competitive and unique all-inclusive offering that combines hardware, software, installation, and configuration, including network. It allows OVHcloud customers and partners to save installation and configuration time. With complete support for consumption-based pricing across the stack (Nutanix software and OVHcloud BareMetal hardware), it also enables them to streamline their expenses, and move from CapEx to OpEx. It consists of pre-deployed Nutanix clusters, exclusive to the Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix offering, including:

  • Pre-installed Nutanix software.
  • Latest generation OVHcloud High Grade HCI Bare Metal servers for optimal performance.
  • Configurations starting with a minimum of three-high performance nodes with built in resiliency. 
  • Choice of hosting locations in North American data centers in Beauharnois (Canada) and European data centers in Roubaix (France) and Gravelines (France).
  • Flexible, on-demand infrastructure with instant, fully automated access and provisioning. This allows organizations to easily scale up capacity as processing and storage requirements change.


Announced at Ecosystem Experience in November 2021, OVHcloud’s Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix solution is available now in Canada and Europe. Prices start at $8120 per month, including the Nutanix software, with a minimum configuration of three nodes and a 24-month commitment. Like all OVHcloud products, this offering is based on a robust and sustainable infrastructure. It features an outstanding price/performance ratio in the industry and predictable pricing and allows organizations the choice of location so they can maintain control of their cloud strategy, security, and data. In addition, thanks to its vertically integrated business model, OVHcloud can offer its customers infrastructures that both meet its commitments to an ethical cloud and are sustainable as a result of resource efficiency and circular economy.

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