White House Warns Russia Preparing Possible Cyberattacks Against US

The Biden administration has warned in recent weeks that Russia could look to target infrastructure in the U.S. or elsewhere with cyberattacks, but officials previously said there was no specific or credible threats against the U.S.

White House deputy national security adviser Anne Neuberger said Monday that officials have seen some “preparatory activity” and that the administration briefed companies who could be affected in a classified setting last week.

Lucas Budman, CEO of TruU (www.truu.ai) has this comment:

“Enterprises need to act and ensure all attack surfaces are covered. While network and endpoint protection are important, identity is the biggest laggard and the ripest for attack with approximately 80% of breaches linking back to it. Most business still use passwords but there is no safety in numbers as credentials can be compromised from phishing, brute force, credential stuffing, or buying lists of already compromised accounts. After all, people tend to reuse passwords which results in 2FA effectively being secured by just the second factor alone. Passwordless MFA inclusive of biometrics, presence, and behavior is one of the few modern options to dramatically limit the identity attack surface.”

I’m not really surprised by this as Russia is known for housing groups that perpetrate cyberattacks. Thus businesses in the US and beyond should heed this warning and do what they need to do to prepare themselves for what is sure to be a barrage of cyberattacks in the next few weeks.

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