iCloud Has Been Down In Whole Or In Part…. And That Includes For Apple Employees #iCloudDown #iCloudOutage

Apple is having a very bad day today as just after noon EST iCloud went down. The thing was for at least 45 minutes, Apple’s Status Page was saying everything was fine when in fact it was the exact opposite.

And those complaints were surfacing on Twitter, Down Detector and other places. If you do a search for #iCloudDown or #iCloudOutage on Twitter for example, it won’t be hard for you to find examples of this. But ultimately Apple did admit there were issues. Lots of issues. At one point I counted 23 separate iCloud services that were down. You can click on the Tweet above to see the screenshots that I took and examples of what you would get if you encountered a service that was out.

As I type this, 9 Services are still out. Which is still not good. But better than it has been.

But it’s not just consumers that are dealing with this outage. It appears that Apple Employees are as well:

And this was confirmed with this Tweet:

Apple’s services don’t go down that often. But this is pretty catastrophic. And everyone knows about it. Which means that Apple will have to explain this at some point. The question is, how transparent will they be? I’m guessing not very transparent. But I am free to be surprised.

UPDATE: As of 3:38 PM EST Apple claims that everything is back online.

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