Lapsus$ Pwns Microsoft And Leaks Source Code

The hacker group Lapsus$ is very busy these days. Besides pwning Okta, they’ve apparently also pwned Microsoft and leaked 37GB of source code according to Bleeping Computer:

Security researchers who have pored over the leaked files told BleepingComputer that they appear to be legitimate internal source code from Microsoft.

Furthermore, we are told that some of the leaked projects contain emails and documentation that were clearly used internally by Microsoft engineers to publish mobile apps.

The projects appear to be for web-based infrastructure, websites, or mobile apps, with no source code for Microsoft desktop software released, including Windows, Windows Server, and Microsoft Office.

When we contacted Microsoft about tonight’s source code leak, they continued to tell BleepingComputer that they are aware of the claims and are investigating.

It is insane how prolific this group has become as victims of this group include NVIDIA, Samsung, Vodafone, Ubisoft, and Mercado Libre. And any company could be next on this group’s hit list. Because if they can get Microsoft, they can get anyone.

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