OVHcloud Launches Veeam Enterprise Solution in Canada

OVHcloud is proud to announce that its Veeam Enterprise solution – powered by OVHcloud infrastructure – is now available in Canada, offering Canadian businesses advanced capabilities to backup, replicate or recover their data in the cloud.

To enrich its portfolio of storage solutions dedicated to supporting businesses, this new offering allows OVHcloud’s Canadian customers, via the activation of a Veeam Enterprise license, to back up their applications in OVHcloud infrastructures or in their own data center. Compatible with physical servers under Windows or Linux, NAS or NAS HA storage, and virtual machines under VMware, the Veeam Enterprise solution reinforces data security for enterprises. It combines the industry-leading services of the European cloud leader with Veeam’s unique platform, entirely dedicated to guaranteeing business continuity.

Take control of your backups with complete freedom

Veeam Enterprise is designed for companies that want to save time and focus on their core business by outsourcing their backups to the cloud. Deployed at OVHcloud or in the customer’s on-site data center, backups are fully controlled by the company, regardless of the number of machines or their location. This control also extends to OVHcloud’s transparent and predictable pricing model, which is based on the actual consumption of the solution (pay-as-you-go). 

Built on the Veeam Backup & Replication technology, the Veeam Enterprise license complements two Veeam services also available from OVHcloud: Veeam Backup Managed, the backup as a Service solution for virtual machines; and Veeam Cloud Connect, which enables outsourcing backups from an existing Veeam Backup server to an OVHcloud data center.

Already available in Europe, the deployment of Veeam Enterprise is now available from the OVHcloud control panel in Canada and the APAC region.

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