Exclusive Networks Announces Partnership With F5

Exclusive Networks, a global trusted cybersecurity specialist for digital infrastructure, announced its new partnership with F5, one of the world’s leading multi-cloud application security and delivery companies. The new partnership will extend Exclusive Networks’ reach, through the expertise of Nuaware subsidiary, into the North American market and give regional customers access to F5’s complete portfolio, including BIG-IP, NGINX and the recently announced F5 Distributed Cloud Services.

Together, Exclusive Networks with Nuaware’s cloud native software expertise, F5 will infuse the current technical landscape with innovative solutions needed to advance their customers’ enterprise security. These bundled product offerings not only help keep organizations safe and secure against today’s cyberthreats, but also enable customers to focus more on their core business and goals.

One major factor bringing F5 to Exclusive Networks was the latter company’s late 2020 acquisition of Nuaware, a specialized leading distributor in Containerization, DevOps / DevSecOps, Cloud and Cloud Native Software technologies that, like its parent company, provides customers with the right products, training, and a specialized partner ecosystem. In the end, it’s Nuaware’s expertise and role as Exclusive Networks’ cloud native software center of excellence that creates the perfect alignment for F5 and its portfolio of products.

With an already existing foothold in the EMEA and APAC regions, adding F5’s enterprise solutions and services and respected reputation to its long list of existing partnerships, Exclusive Networks, with Nuaware, will continue to fortify its position as a global cybersecurity leader. Partnerships, like F5’s, enable Exclusive Networks to build best-of-breed solutions for customers from its extensive catalog of vendor products and services.

Exclusive Networks will offer:

  • BIG-IP: A portfolio of cloud, virtualized and physical appliances and services providing enterprises with availability, performance and security. BIG-IP solutions include DNS hyperscale and security (BIG-IP DNS), threat prevention and management (BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager), and user access management and security (BIG-IP Access Policy Manager). 
  • F5 Distributed Cloud Services: F5 Distributed Cloud Services provide security, multi-cloud networking, and edge-based computing solutions on a unified software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. These services are centrally managed but can be deployed anywhere the app needs to be to maximize business impact and deliver a superior customer experience. 
  • NGINX: NGINX provides a lightweight and flexible platform for high-performance app delivery and security services spanning from monoliths to microservices. NGINX products include application delivery and API management (NGINX Controller), load balancing and API gateway (NGINX Plus), DevOps security solutions (NGINX App Protect) and secure service-to-service traffic management (NGINX Service Mesh).

Exclusive Networks’ commitment to F5 will not only benefit customers facing the challenges of multi-cloud deployments and adaptive applications, but will also energize the onboarding of existing and net new Exclusive Networks’ partners, presenting them with new and extended opportunities within the competitive cybersecurity market.

Before its partnership with F5, Exclusive Networks was already a leading cybersecurity distributor and solution provider in an ever-growing global market. Now, with the F5 partnership and its expansion into North America, Exclusive Networks increases its lead as a forward-moving driving force, passing its competitors by providing customers with its best-of-breed bundle solutions.

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