LinkedIn Welcomes Members of Paddle HR To Accelerate The Development Of LinkedIn Learning Hub

In the era of the Great Reshuffle, retaining employees has arguably never been more important. When employees feel like their skills aren’t being put to use, they are 10x more likely to leave a job, making opportunities for career development and growth at a company that much more critical. 

To further help businesses retain their talent, LinkedIn is announcing that members of the Paddle HR team, including CEO, Pat Whelan and CTO, Sid Bhargava, will be joining LinkedIn.

The team at Paddle HR have deep domain expertise building internal talent mobility and career development solutions that are AI-driven, and they share a similar vision – to make skills the currency of the talent ecosystem.

By bringing the team onboard, LinkedIn can accelerate the work they’re doing to build career development and internal mobility capability within LinkedIn Learning Hub – a skill-building platform – to empower employees to accelerate their careers and help employers better retain their talent.

You can read the full announcement here.

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