Samsung Partners With iFixit To Provide Parts And Tools Repair Samsung Phones…. Are You Paying Attention Apple?

Last year Apple came out with a self repair program. I was less than impressed at the time and my impressions with this could be summed up with this statement:

The bottom line is that this is an optics exercise for Apple. If they really wanted to embrace right to repair, they would go further than what was announced. But they haven’t. So don’t be fooled by this announcement. It isn’t what you think it is, and it’s not going to get the results that you think it will.

Fast forward to today and Samsung shows how to do a self repair program properly. Let’s start with this press release from Samsung:

Today, Samsung Electronics America announced that Galaxy device owners will be able to take product repair into their own hands for Samsung’s most popular models, the Galaxy S20 and S21 family of products, and the Galaxy Tab S7+ beginning this summer. Samsung consumers will get access to genuine device parts, repair tools, and intuitive, visual, step-by-step repair guides. Samsung is collaborating with iFixit, the leading online repair community, on this program. More information will be shared once self-repair is available.

To start, Galaxy device owners will be able to replace display assemblies, back glass, and charging ports — and return used parts to Samsung for responsible recycling. In the future, Samsung plans to expand self-repair to more devices and repairs from our extensive product portfolio.

Now assuming that Samsung follows through on this, which I believe they will as they have an interest in making Apple look bad, this makes what Apple is offering look rather pathetic and underlines the fact that Apple does not take self repair seriously as they are too busy finding new and creative ways to sell you another iPhone or MacBook.

I wonder if this move by Samsung will force Apple to get a clue and get with the times?

2 Responses to “Samsung Partners With iFixit To Provide Parts And Tools Repair Samsung Phones…. Are You Paying Attention Apple?”

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