MailChimp Pwned…. Be On The Lookout For Phishing Emails

According to Engadget, MailChimp has been pwned and threat actors got access to over 100 MailChimp customer accounts. That gave them them the ability to send emails that would appear to have come from any one of those businesses. One of the affected email lists was that of cryptocurrency company Trezor with attackers trying to gain access to their wallet credentials. Something that the company has confirmed:

Also metaverse platform Decentraland has also said that they were affected.

Because the emails appear to come from the companies that are affected by this, you’ll really need to be on your toes and examine any email that you get to make sure it’s not a phishing email. In the meantime, expect more fallout from this hack in the coming days as more companies post notices that they have been affected by this hack.

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