LinkedIn Reveals List Of Top Companies In Canada For 2022

LinkedIn released the Canadian edition of the 2022 Top Companies list, which features the best workplaces for Canadians.

As companies continue to navigate the workplace in a post-pandemic world, the competitive market has put employees in the driver’s seat. Each year, the Top Companies list identifies the best workplaces Canadians can grow their career and shares the insights they need to navigate their professional journey.

LinkedIn uses its data to rank companies on the list based on seven pillars that have been shown to lead to career progression: ability to advance; skills growth; company stability; external opportunity; company affinity; gender diversity and educational backgrounds.

Here is what the highest ranked LinkedIn Top Companies are doing to attract and keep talent:

  1. RBC – RBC recently launched an Innovation Hub in Calgary, where it plans to make hundreds of tech hires over three years.
  1. TD – TD Bank announced plans to hire more than 2,000 people this year for new tech jobs as it expands into areas such as artificial intelligence and cloud-based operations.
  1. Alphabet – Google employees are allowed to work from a location other than their main office for up to four weeks per year.
  1. SAP – SAP Canada is piloting future of work ideas at its newly opened Montreal facility, including an app that lets employees see who else will be in the office on a given day.
  1. Scotiabank – Scotiabank removed resume requirements for Canadians applying for internships, co-op placements and graduate positions and has begun using assessments from Plum to help find untapped talent and ease barriers to employment.

Are you able to cover LinkedIn’s 2022 Top Companies in Canada list? The full 2022 Top Companies in Canada list is linked here.


Our methodology uses LinkedIn data to rank companies based on seven pillars that have been shown to lead to career progression: ability to advance; skills growth; company stability; external opportunity; company affinity; gender diversity and educational background. Ability to advance tracks employee promotions within a company and when they move to a new company, based on standardized job titles. Skills growth looks at how employees across the company are gaining skills while employed at the company, using standardized LinkedIn skills. Company stability tracks attrition over the past year, as well as the percentage of employees that stay at the company at least three years. External opportunity looks at Recruiter outreach across employees at the company, signaling demand for workers coming from these companies. Company affinity, which seeks to measure how supportive a company’s culture is, looks at connection volume on LinkedIn among employees, controlled for company size. Gender diversity measures gender parity within a company and its subsidiaries. Finally, educational background examines the variety of educational attainment among employees, from no degree up to Ph.D. levels, reflecting a commitment to recruiting a wide range of professionals.

To be eligible, companies must have had at least 500 employees as of Dec. 31, 2021, in the country and attrition can be no higher than 10% over the methodology time period, based on LinkedIn data. Similarly, companies with layoffs during that time that amount to more than 10% of their workforce, based on public announcements, are also ineligible. Only parent companies rank on the list; majority-owned subsidiaries and data about those subsidiaries are incorporated into the parent company score. All data counts are normalized based on company size across the pool of companies eligible for the list. The methodology time frame is Jan. 1, 2021, through Dec. 31, 2021. All of the data used is aggregated and/or de-identified.

We exclude all staffing and recruiting firms, educational institutions and government agencies. We also exclude LinkedIn, its parent company Microsoft and Microsoft subsidiaries.

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