ESET Canada Sets Up New HQ In Thornhill

Amidst the work-from-home mandates throughout the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, ESET moved its Canadian headquarters from downtown Toronto to Commerce Valley Drive West in Thornhill. As staff begin returning to in-office work, ESET Canada will mark the official opening of its new location on April 11th with a private event for team members from across the country.

The new location is part of the second-largest tech hub in Canada, offers more square footage to accommodate a growing ESET Canada team and is accessible with both public transit and major arterial roads. 

Regardless of its physical location, ESET remains committed to providing the expertise and products that help people and organizations stay safe in the cyberworld.

The move also coincides with a brand refresh for ESET, which represents the role it has played in the progress that digital technology has enabled – in short, a force for progress. 

For more than 30 years, ESET has been providing digital protection as technology has advanced and progressed to change people’s lives, day-to-day activities and the way we do business. Progress in technology means the potential for a better world and society, but it is not without risk. As technology progresses, so too do those with malicious intentions; with every innovation comes someone who wants to exploit it for nefarious means.

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