Introducing The New Pinterest For WooCommerce Extension

Today, Pinterest announced an integration with the e-commerce platform WooCommerce, allowing businesses of all sizes to sync their digital catalogs and turn their products into shoppable Pins with in-stock availability and pricing information. Once a brand’s catalog is uploaded, Pinners can click on a shoppable Pin to be taken directly to the retailer’s site to make the purchase. 

With the growth of Pinners engaging with shopping surfaces increasing over 20% both quarter over quarter, and year over year in Q4 2021, the WooCommerce partnership gives Pinners more options to discover new brands and products, and purchase with confidence.

The Pinterest for WooCommerce extension builds on the platform’s investments to make Pinterest a premiere personalized shopping destination. Now even more businesses and creators can connect with people who have a purchasing mindset but are still undecided about which brand they want it from. Through its own research, Pinterest found that shoppers spend 50% more when they take a week to make a decision and Pinners typically outspend by 2x more than people on other platforms, with 85% bigger baskets at checkout. 

Just last month, Pinterest rolled out several new features to enhance its value-based shopping experience and enable creators and advertisers to target their audiences even more through a more taste-driven shopping journey. These products and the WooCommerce partnership are the next step in allowing brands to connect and engage with their audience along the full shopping funnel – from  inspiration to realization. 

Beginning April 13th, the Pinterest for WooCommerce integration is available in Canada, the U.S. and several other countries. WooCommerce creators and merchants can install the Pinterest tag today, become a Verified Merchant and set up their Storefront.

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