New BotenaGo Variant Targets IoT Devices

Nozomi Networks Labs has discovered a new variant of BotenaGo malware, which is specifically targeting Lilin security camera DVR devices. BotenaGo malware, which has been deployed with over 30 exploit functions, is currently putting millions of IoT devices at risk of potential cyberattacks.

Chris Olson, CEO of The Media Trust had this to say:

“The existence of Lilin Scanner shows that malicious actors are exploiting simple and highly accessible code bases like BotenaGo to design malware with a far-reaching impact. This is especially concerning when BotenaGo – and similar exploit kits – contain vulnerabilities for Web servers and many other commonly used devices.”

“In my experience, most organizations are not sufficiently prepared for attacks that leverage Web, mobile and other digital surfaces – they are focused on classic channels like email and social engineering. But today’s attackers have caught on, and they are changing tactics in response. It’s critical for organizations to continually monitor their digital ecosystem if they want to remain in control and protect their customers.”

Your best defence in terms of keeping your IoT devices safe is to ensure that they are up to date in terms of firmware, and try to limit their access to the Internet. Otherwise you run the risk of getting pwned by this or some other malware that goes after IoT devices.

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