French Hospital Pwned In Cyberattack…. Data For Sale On The Dark Web

The GHT Coeur Grand Est. Hospitals and Health Care group in France has disconnected all of their incoming and outgoing internet connections after they discovered a cyberattack, which has sadly resulted in the theft of patient data. The cyberattack occurred on the 19th of April  and is leaving the hospitals nine locations and 6k employees without internet in order to protect and secure information systems and data, according to a translated statement from GHT and reported by Bleeping Computer which is very much worth reading as it contains a lot of detail, including the fact that this data appears to be for sale on the dark web. Which is not good.

Darren Williams, CEO, BlackFog had this to say about this cyberattack:

“Unfortunately attacks on healthcare are nothing new and they’ll always be a focus for cybercriminals, as the wealth of personal and private data is a virtual treasure trove for hackers. As the statement says, the hospitals are cutting internet connections to prevent further data theft, while investigating the flaw that ‘allowed’ the bad actors access to their network. When in reality, how they got in really doesn’t matter. History tells us that if an attacker really wants to find a way into a device or network, they will. If organizations continue to rely on cybersecurity tools that focus on keeping intruders out, the exfiltration of data leading to data loss and devastating breaches will continue. It’s time for IT leaders to think about cybersecurity in a new way, by focussing on preventing the exfiltration of data. Continued reliance on antiquated defensive cybersecurity approaches will only see hackers continuing to focus on and profit from extortion.”

This shows that having a strong defence system to keep the bad guys out is the only way not to end up as a headline story. Because that never ends well for anyone.

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