TELUS Brings Wearable, Discreet Personal Security to Canada Through Partnership With invisaWear

Today, TELUS launched TELUS SmartWear Security, a line of discreet wearable accessories that provides our customers with emergency support, 24/7 monitoring, and peace of mind wherever they go. In partnership with US-based tech brand invisaWear, TELUS SmartWear Security provides customers with a stylish personal safety device disguised as jewelry or a key charm powered by TELUS’ world-leading wireless network, and TELUS SmartHome Security’s 24/7 monitoring team. TELUS SmartWear Security is the latest innovation in our comprehensive line of security solutions to bring customers a greater sense of security at home or on the go.

TELUS SmartWear Security is managed through an easy-to-use smartphone app, which provides customers with quick access to alerts and updates. The app provides 24/7 monitoring, instantly connecting your smartphone to TELUS’ monitoring service. Customers can tailor TELUS SmartWear Security with a selection of alert modes in the app. In the event of an emergency, once the device is double clicked, TELUS SmartWear Security will alert your preselected five emergency contacts or connect you immediately to our 24/7 monitoring team for emergency assistance, where the TELUS agent will stay on the line with you.

TELUS SmartWear Security features include: 

  • Notify Emergency Contacts: Send notifications, GPS location, and SMS updates to up to five emergency contacts.
  • Reassurance Calls: 24/7 access to a professional emergency response TELUS agent by phone. They will stay with you on the phone anytime you feel unsafe.
  • Live Chat SMS: 24/7 access to a two-way SMS conversation with a professional emergency response TELUS agent. They will stay with you and provide assistance discreetly through text.  
  • Activity Tracking: Be proactive about your safety by inviting our monitoring team and your emergency contacts to track you via GPS for up to 4 hours. You will then alert the app once you’re safe and no longer need tracking, and if the timer expires before you have responded, agents will alert your emergency contacts and share your location with local law enforcement.

For every new subscription of TELUS SmartWear Security, TELUS will donate a SmartWear device and one-year subscription to the TELUS Mobility for Good®, providing wireless connectivity to marginalized individuals, including Indigenous women at risk of or experiencing violence. TELUS will donate a maximum of 250 devices and subscriptions.

TELUS SmartWear Security is available across Canada, excluding Quebec. Full pricing and product details can be found at

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