Lithuania Hit By Cyber Attack From A Russian Linked Threat Actor

Reuters is reporting that Lithuania has been hit by a cyber attack. Specifically that Lithuanian state and a some private institutions were hit by a denial-of-service cyber attack on Monday the National Cyber Security Centre said in a statement released by the defence ministry. Considering that the country is in a “feud” with Russia over scansions related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s likely not a shock that this happened. Nor is it a shock that a Russian linked hacker group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Chris Clymer who is a Director & CISO at Inversion6 had this comment:

Every significant military power in the world has developed cyber capabilities. These have evolved from espionage tools into full fledged weapons to be used as part of a coordinated military response. Targeting another country with these arguably constitutes an act of war, but one less severe than kinetic attacks with missiles and tanks.  Russia has a collection of theoretically autonomous groups like Killnet which give it the ability to strike at its enemies while still denying responsibility – not a new tactic.  This year alone, Killnet has reportedly targeted Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, and Italy with Lithuania now added to the list. This harassment will continue, and what’s more interesting is that it doesn’t seem to have targeted the US and major European powers as strongly as first expected. With what we know of internet infrastructure, it’s hard to believe this is because those targets are stronger. Perhaps the Russians are trying to stay focused on targets it feels it can afford to antagonize.

Clearly we live in an era where the battlefield includes cyberspace. Thus it makes anyone and everyone a target. Thus now is a really, really good time for everyone to review their cyber defences so that they aren’t the next target.

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