Linktree Launches New Mobile App

Linktree – the ‘link in bio’ category leader – is today announcing the launch of its new mobile app on iOS and Android so users can spend less time creating and managing their Linktree, and spend more time doing what they do best. The launch of the new mobile app is Linktree’s next milestone move during a summer of transformation, as the platform advances beyond the ‘link-in-bio’ category it created.

With the majority of user sign-ups and logins from Linktree’s 25m+ users happening from a mobile device, Linktree recognized the strong signals in user behaviour pointing towards the demand for a mobile app. The app is an organic next step for the business, by bringing Linktree to where users spend the most of their time and where the communities live, with the new mobile-first user experience. The mobile app will empower users to update their links in fewer clicks, closing the distance between creating and getting seen.

Acting as a gateway to unlocking Linktree’s power to connect the many facets of an individual’s digital universe, the app will serve as a home where creators can truly link to everything they are. The app was designed to reduce the time users spend updating their corner of the internet and instead spend more time creating content. Whether this is updating their Linktree theme to match their current mood or tapping into the powerful analytics page to optimize channels and content which is converting sales and payments – all of Linktree is now that much more accessible.

Users can download the Linktree app to:

  • Share: The app’s features allow for quick and easy content sharing capabilities for users on the move, from embedding a new Spotify song to their Linktree to revealing new and exclusive YouTube content.
  • Monetize: Users can now harness Linktree’s power to refer traffic and drive engagement to monetize their passion by selling products and services, collecting tips and donations, leads, and more.
  • Grow: Creators can grow their following by connecting all their social accounts in one place, so their fans on one platform can discover them on others and subscribe to their mailing lists.
  • Customize: Linktree creators can design their Linktree on the go with themes, custom backgrounds, button styles, fonts, colors, and more to suit the user’s brand and style.
  • Analyze: Having access to traffic and conversion metrics, creators are able to track spikes in link clicks and learn about their audience. Users are able to visit the Lifetime Analytics page to understand what is working, which channels and content are converting, track sales and payments as well as amplify the success of their Linktree altogether. 

The launch of the Linktree mobile app comes on the heels of Linktree’s recent announcements including the Linktree Marketplace, NFT Gallery, and a company rebrand as the platform reimagines itself in a way that is pushing the entire category forward as a tool for self-expression, discovery, connection and community beyond ‘link in bio.’

As one of the top 300 most popular website destinations globally, with over 1.2 billion monthly views, Linktree continues to prioritize the needs of creators, consumers and brands.

In Canada, Linktree has more than 642,000 users and 373M visits in the last year. Over the last 12 months, there has been a 74.9 per cent increase in engagement and 65 per cent increase in visitor traffic. For your context, that places Canada fifth highest in traffic in Linktree’s markets, where it’s been for two years straight.  Some of the platform’s users in Canada include Toronto Raptors, Shawn Mendes, Neil Young, Matty Matheson and KallMeKris. Ottawa-based photographer and Nikon Ambassador Michelle Valberg. who was most recently appointed Member of the Order of Canada is also a Linktree user.

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