Stolen logins selling for same price as a gallon of gas on the Dark Web: HP Wolf Security Study

Something that caught my attention today is a new cybercrime study from HP Wolf Security, revealing how it has never been cheaper or easier to be a cybercriminal.

Here are some key findings both in print and in graphics:  

  • Stolen remote desktop credentials – which allow an attacker to log into targets devices from anywhere – average at just $5. 
  • Malware and exploits that let cybercriminals infect and control machines are typically less than $10. 
  • ‘Noob friendly’ mentoring and hosting services are selling for a fraction of the price of IT qualifications. 

Here are some examples of advertisements on the dark web:

As the barriers to entry lower and the number of attackers get higher, the more likely Canadian businesses are at risk of becoming a target.

The Evolution of Cybercrime: Why the Dark Web is Supercharging the Threat Landscape and How to Fight Back gives an overview of how this cybercrime economy is emerging, actionable insights into what the future holds and advice on how to better defend against cybercriminals.  

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