LockBit Pwns Again…. This Time It’s Italy’s Tax Agency Who Gets Pwned

The LockBit ransomware group has been on a rampage as of late. The group has once again claimed to have stolen mass amounts of data, this time from Italy’s tax agency. The 78GB haul stolen from the Italian Revenue Agency was added to its dark web leak site. The ransomware gang has given the Agency five days to pay the ransomware to avoid the leak of stolen data. This is after the Town Of St. Mary’s Ontario was apparently pwned by the group.

Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of BlackFog had this to say:

“LockBit has been busy in the last few days, claiming 12 of the 18 attacks we’ve spotted. Other notable incidents include the small Canadian town of St Mary’s, and the Town of Frederick in Colorado. As with other cybercriminal gangs of late, data exfiltration followed by extortion is their weapon of choice. LockBit’s focus appears to be on targeting under resourced organizations with weak security where they can cause significant disruption, thus increasing the odds of a successful ransom payday. As with all attacks, extortion is the name of the ransomware game and organizations really need to add third generation cyber tools like data exfiltration technology to prevent this from happening.”

Clearly this is a big sign that everyone needs to make sure that they can defend themselves against either being pwned at all, or can recover from being pwned so that they don’t have to pay threat actors like LockBit. Because it is clear as day that LockBit means business.

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