Apple TV+ Is Apparently Available On Rogers Ignite TV Boxes

Early this morning I was tipped off by one of my sources within Rogers that Apple TV+ is now available on Rogers Ignite TV boxes. I asked for proof and got this:

Looking for additional confirmation, I did a search and found this YouTube video with an annoying voice over:

So clearly Rogers has jumped onto the Apple TV+ bandwagon. Though I do not see an official announcement from Rogers (yet). Now their TV boxes can install apps related to third party streaming services as Disney+ and Netflix for example have both been available for a while now. Thus I am not surprised that another streaming service has appeared on their boxes. But given Rogers current problems, you’d think that Rogers would want to announce that Apple TV+ is available on their TV boxes if for no other reason than to distract from the 99 problems that they have.

I suspect that Rogers is rolling this out in phases. So if you see Apple TV+ show up on your Ignite box, please let everyone know by leaving a comment.

UPDATE: My source has also said that Apple TV+ is free for three months. Seeing as there’s no public confirmation from Rogers just yet, I would file this under “to be confirmed”.

UPDATE #2: Rogers is confirming a rollout of Apple TV+ confirming all the details above. Press release here.

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