LinkedIn Launches New Tools/Resources On Skills & Networking For Job Seekers

As the job market continues to shift, it’s important for workers to adapt, keep their skills sharp and stay connected to their professional network. New data from LinkedIn shows necessary skills for today’s jobs have changed by 25% since 2015 and that number is expected to double by 2027.

With that in mind, LinkedIn identified the top 20 skills in demand today. These skills were featured in more than three-quarters of paid jobs posted globally over the last three months on the platform. To help job seekers future-proof their careers, LinkedIn Learning is offering FREE courses for the month of September in these growing areas. Here’s a preview of the top five skills on the list.

  1. Customer Service – Serving Customers in a Continuously Changing World
  2. Sales – Asking Great Sales Questions
  3. Accounting – Lean Accounting Foundations
  4. Business Development – Business Development: Strategic Planning
  5. Marketing – Marketing Foundations: The Marketing Funnel 

For job seekers, LinkedIn also recognizes the power of turning to your professional connections for help. You can also now see who’s hiring in your network when you visit the Jobs home page. And you’ll be notified of relevant jobs when people in your first- or second-degree network are hiring, plus you can also see members of the hiring team in job descriptions, making it easy for you to reach out directly. 

In addition, LinkedIn will host a series of virtual events from September 12-16 where you can engage with expert instructors and discover tactical tips on how to support your career.  

For the full list of the top 20 skills in demand today, and their corresponding LinkedIn Learning courses, visit here.

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