OVHcloud Bring Your Own IP Service Aims At Facilitating Move To Cloud

Following an early access period, OVHcloud is about to offer the Bring Your Own IP or BYOIP import service. As IPv4 addresses are scarce, it allows customers to import, via the OVHcloud Control Panel, their existing ranges of public IPv4 addresses to use as blocks of IP failover addresses. Thus, the move to cloud is made easier with less work required on network planning. Moreover, customers continue to benefit from the work they have already made concerning reputation management of their IP addresses. True to its principles, OVHcloud maintains reversibility; when the time comes, customers’ IPv4 addresses will be free of any vendor lock-in.

IP addresses are imported and segmented in block sizes ranging from /24 up to /19. OVHcloud also offers BYOAS to authorize importing customers AS numbers to further enhance the reputational aspect. The BYOIP service is available with Bare Metal Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud, Public Cloud products as well as vRack and IP Load Balancer.

With the convenience of monthly billing and no setup fee or commitment, the service will roll out in the coming weeks for all their datacenters under the condition of eligibility of customers’ IP addresses.

You can find out more here: OVHcloud Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP)

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