The Los Angeles Unified School District Pwned By Ransomware

The Los Angeles Unified School District has disclosed a ransomware attack which hit its IT systems over the weekend. The school district, which more than 640,000 students K-12 enrolled, and it includes LA and LA county posted this on Twitter.:

Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of BlackFog had this to say:

     “With the education vertical typically being under funded, under resourced and in many cases reliant on antiquated cybersecurity tools to prevent cyberattacks, it’s unlikely we’ll see this change in the near future. Cybercriminals will continue to target organizations with weak cybersecurity defenses and a plethora of sensitive data they can exfiltrate and leverage for extortion. Often, we see smaller school districts being targeted, unfortunately for LAUSD, 640,000 students will undoubtedly feel the pain from this incident.”

Clearly this was timed to coincide with the return to school so that it had the maximum effect. We can expect to see more of this behaviour as clearly there’s a perceived value to ransomware gangs to executing their attacks in this manner.

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