Daylite Announces New Features For Their Mac Based CRM App

Following Apple’s big announcements yesterday, Daylite which is a Mac based CRM app has launched a new feature called ‘Opportunities Board’.

The Opportunities Board provides a unified view of every step of the sales pipeline so all team members can visually track, organize and prioritize business opportunities leading to a shorter sales cycle and more won deals. 

Increased transparency with the Opportunities Board means a reduction in time-consuming status update meetings and better team collaboration. Daylite visually tracks the status of opportunities across whole teams, so bottlenecks are identified and productivity and results are boosted.

The Board’s drag and drop functionality allows Daylite customers to move opportunities from one stage to the next and to classify deals as “won” or “lost” by dragging them to the respective status categories. This enables sales teams to spend more energy on the most important active leads and shift laggards to the sidelines.

There is an at a glance view to see all opportunities on one screen, making it easy to identify areas of concern. This empowers teams to take steps to move deals along and follow the best process to bring deals to fruition. 

Opportunities Board is designed to help Daylite customers master their sales process, boost collaboration, close more deals; and of course, celebrate successes. For more information about the Daylite Opportunities Board visit: 

Beyond the aforementioned new product functionality and the recent new sync system enhancements for better collaboration and increased team productivity, Daylite has also been made available on the Mac App Store, making it even easier to download Daylite on the App Store across iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices. Download Daylite on the App Store today.

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