Waze Launches New In-Car Experience With Biz Jargon

Today Waze is launching its newest driving experience — Biz Jargon — to help you brush up on your office lingo in time for the return to work. Inspired by offices everywhere (the virtual and the physical!) this driving experience focuses on the relatable moments of work life and pokes fun at the people we become at work — acronym-slinging, jargon-parroting, catchphrase machines. For the first time, Waze is offering this experience in multiple English accents — British English and American English.

You can expect these features from the Biz Jargon driving experience:

  • Voice Options: Access Biz Jargon’s voice by visiting the “Waze voice” option within voice & sound settings for relatable laughs as you hear “Make a U-turn: Or what I call ‘circling back’” or “Sorry, I was on mute, are we waiting for anyone else?”
  • Moods (the icon other drivers see): You can select your business time Mood choosing  between Productive, Unproductive, All Business and Business Casual to fit your drive
  • Car Icon: Transform your car icon arrow to the Paper Airplane by accessing the “Car icon” option within map display settings

The Biz Jargon driving experience will run starting today.

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