Raven Capital Launches Fund II With Investment From TELUS Pollinator Fund And $75M target

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, North America’s only Indigenous-led and owned venture capital intermediary, launched its second fund today (Raven Fund II) with an initial close of $46M, and a target size of $75M. Raven Fund II invests in innovative, scalable Indigenous enterprises at the forefront of advancing the well-being of Indigenous Peoples. Investors include BDC CapitalFarm Credit Canada, the TELUS Pollinator Fund for GoodVancityBank of America, and others.

There are an estimated 325,000 Indigenous-owned companies in North America, including about 50,000 in Canadaaccording to the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Businesses. Most struggle to access the required capital, capacity building support and networks to fulfill their potential.  

Raven’s first fund, launched in 2019, set an initial goal of $5M and closed at $25M. To date, it has made 20 investments in 11 companies, including OneFeather, a company developing Indigenous banking solutions, who are in the process of raising a Series B.

Raven provides late seed and early-stage capital to innovative, scalable, purpose driven Indigenous enterprises.  Companies are screened through a unique, Indigenous impact framework that both expresses, and reflects, Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

Based on investor interest in Raven Fund II, Raven expects to reach its final closing target soon. The team is also continuing to build a strong pipeline of Indigenous enterprises as it works to revitalize the Indigenous economy.  

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