Uber Posts A Statement On Their Hack…. And It Didn’t Say A Whole Lot

So, Uber got pwned. And it seems a lot like their 2016 hack. But Uber didn’t go there. Instead they posted a statement that did not say much of anything. Judge for yourself:

While our investigation and response efforts are ongoing, here is a further update on yesterday’s incident:

  • We have no evidence that the incident involved access to sensitive user data (like trip history).
  • All of our services including Uber, Uber Eats, Uber Freight, and the Uber Driver app are operational.
  • As we shared yesterday, we have notified law enforcement.
  • Internal software tools that we took down as a precaution yesterday are coming back online this morning.

That’s it.

It really doesn’t offer any insight into what happened. Which isn’t a surprise as I am guessing a bunch of C-level types at Uber are freaking right now as they are likely getting a whole lot of attention right now that they don’t want. As a result they are likely going to say little to nothing unless forced to.

I suspect that any insight as to what might have happened is going to come from someone other than Uber. And it will be interesting to get those details.

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