It Seems That Samsung May Have Another Battery Fiasco On Its Hands

Remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco? The one where phones were literally exploding all over the place due to swelling batteries and Samsung had to take every one of them back? Well, it might be happening again.

YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss has posted a video that shows that some Samsung smartphones are suffering from a swollen battery issue. He noted his S6 (2015), Note 8 (2017) and S10 (2019) all had swollen batteries. So he tweeted about it. Samsung saw that tweet and asked him to send the phones for examination. And that’s the last he heard from Samsung as they’ve gone silent for 50 days. Thus the need for him to make a video:

And it appears that he’s not the only one who’s noted this:

JerryRigEveryting offers this commentary:

This is not a good look for Samsung and it will be interesting to see how or if they respond to this. In the meantime, if you have a Samsung phone hiding in a desk drawer or a storage locker someplace, you might want to check on it. I say that because when lithium comes into contact with air, it creates a very violent reaction that can burn your house down. Thus this is a non-trivial situation that you might want to take seriously until all the facts are known.

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