An Email Based Invoice #Scam Involving @LifeOmic And @Zoho Is Making The Rounds

For the first time in a long time, I’m writing about something other than an extortion phishing scam. This scam involves health platform LifeOmic and Zoho. In short you get an email looking like this:

It claims to have been sent from Zoho’s CRM product and claims that you have a subscription for access to LifeOmic’s heath cloud that you have to pay. What the scammers are hoping for is that you’ll call the number and presumably the scammers will want to get access to your computer to do who knows what, or extract personal information from you.

There’s one sure way to tell that this is a scam:

The email address in use does not trace back to either Zoho or LifeOmic. So that alone should make you delete this email immediately upon receipt.

This part of the email caught my attention:

This is meant to reassure you that this isn’t a scam and that LiveOmic and Zoho are committed to preventing invoice scam. Except that this is an invoice scam. And unlike most scams that I have seen lately, the English used in this one is pretty decent. I had to hunt to find grammatical errors.

I tried calling the number, which by the way is something that you should never do, and I was greeted with cheesy hold music and a message telling me to stay on the line because all the scammers representatives were busy. I gave it five minutes and hung up. But that was enough to tell me that this was an active scam. But I was unable to get information as to their motives. But at the end of the day. it doesn’t matter as whatever their intentions are, they aren’t good. Thus if you see this email hit your inbox, delete it and move on with your day.

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