Dialogue Launches Wellness, Canada’s First-Ever Integrated Virtual Preventative Health Program That Promotes Healthier Living

Dialogue Health Technologies Inc., Canada’s premier virtual care and wellness platform, is launching Wellness, a new program that promotes healthier living through preventive healthy habits. The program targets primarily the 70% of Canadians who do not achieve the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week, helping them build healthier habits and prevent illness.

Building on the acquisition of Tictrac, UK-based global digital health and well-being platform, Dialogue’s Wellness program is the first preventative virtual care model of its kind in Canada.  It promotes healthy habits, wellness challenges and clinically-vetted content and insights through 40 habits centered around the themes of better sleep, stress reduction, improving mood and moving more, and drives high engagement and participation regardless of members’ current level of fitness or activity. Built into Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform™, Wellness expands Dialogue’s continuum of care towards prevention, with its current pillars of primary care, mental health and EAP programs, through the newly redesigned Dialogue mobile app.

While organizations are facing unique talent attraction and retention challenges in a hybrid workplace, the Dialogue Wellness program promotes an environment of well-being by empowering members to own their well-being journey, whilst also providing HR teams with key insights on member wellness. Studies show that 150 minutes of exercise per week can delay or fully prevent chronic conditions, and is recommended by the CDC to reduce the chances of developing depression or anxiety.* According to a case study conducted by Dialogue, 80% of members using the Wellness program achieved 150+ minutes of activity weekly, and otherwise sedentary users saw an increase of 75% in their daily activity.

Developed in partnership with The Center for Behaviour Change at UCL which has over 10 years of experience in this field, Wellness utilizes a multi-targeted approach for behaviour change interventions.** It is available to all organizations in Canada and can be offered as a stand-alone program or added to existing Integrated Health Platform™ benefits.


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