BlackFog State Of Ransomware Report For September 2022 Is Out

BlackFog has today released the State of Ransomware Report for September 2022. 

BlackFog issues a monthly report accounting for cyberattacks within the last month, showing targeted industries and the current active threat groups. 

The key findings for the month of September below from Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder, BlackFog:

  • September represents the second highest month of the year with 33 reported ransomware attacks. Ransomware shows no signs of abating with this month representing the third highest number of attacks over the past 3 years.
  • This month we have seen major increases in several ransomware variants. Hive attacks increased by over 50%, Vice Society by 43% and BlackCat 25%. These increases come at the same time that several variants have started experimenting with data destruction, most notably BlackCat.
  • As in previous months we continue to see a focus on the least protected sectors of Healthcare, Education and Government with increases of 25%, 13% and 19% respectively. This month however we saw the largest increase in the Retail sector of 27%, as cyber criminals explore new targets with low investments in cybersecurity.
  • PowerShell continues to be highly leveraged as an attack vector and is now used in 83% of all attacks.

The full report can be found here:

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