Vice Society Leaks Data Obtained In LAUSD Ransomware Attack

You might recall that The Los Angeles Unified School District got pwned by ransomware a few weeks ago. Well, their problems just got worse as data has been leaked as a result of that initial attack:

Vice Society, a Russian-speaking group that last month claimed responsibility for the ransomware attack that disrupted the LAUSD’s access to email, computer systems and applications, published the data stolen from the school district over the weekend. The group had previously set an October 4 deadline to pay an unspecified ransom demand.

The stolen data was posted to Vice Society’s dark web leak site and appears to contain personal identifying information, including passport details, Social Security numbers and tax forms. While TechCrunch has not yet reviewed the full trove, the published data also contains confidential information including contract and legal documents, financial reports containing bank account details, health information including COVID-19 test data, previous conviction reports and psychological assessments of students.

This was confirmed by Alberto M. Carvalho who is the superintendent of the LAUSD:

Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder, BlackFog had this commentary:

     “The news that Vice Society has leaked data stolen from LAUSD today is unfortunate for all of the students and faculty who will find themselves victims of the fallout, whether it’s via targeted phishing emails, spam phone calls or potentially stolen identities. Education is the number one targeted vertical when it comes to ransomware, and this news today must serve as a wakeup call to others in this sector. It’s time to move beyond aging infrastructures and outdated cybersecurity tools and adopt newer technologies that have been specifically designed to fight ransomware.”

Seeing as today is October 3rd, I am going to guess that the The Los Angeles Unified School District told Vice Society where to go and how to get there. Which is why this leak happened. But it is entirely possible that even if the LAUSD did pay, the leak would have happened anyway. Thus making sure that you don’t pwned is the best defence from gangs like Vice Society.

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