GSoft Announces New And Improved Features And Enhancements To Its Best-In-Class Microsoft 365 Management Solution, ShareGate 

Today, GSoft – the Canadian technology company behind the revolutionary and powerful software product, ShareGate – announced enhanced features to the offering that will fuel continued momentum against the company’s mission: Equipping enterprise customers with the business solutions needed in an ever-evolving digital world.  

The easy-to-use complete management software offering – which has been adopted by more than 75,000 IT professionals worldwide with peak sales generated amidst the pandemic – has become famed for its best-in-class migration capabilities, allowing companies of all sizes to eliminate internal IT complexities, control their digital environments and offer the optimal, user-friendly experience for talent. ShareGate is a best-in-class, go-to Microsoft 365 management solution for everyday Teams and SharePoint operations that ultimately benefits both IT professionals and employees. ShareGate’s new features and enhancements, including provisioning, reporting, and automation, will provide added usability to companies who have migrated using ShareGate, and those looking to manage their already-migrated environments with added ease and efficiency.  

Current customers of ShareGate include some of the largest global companies and brands such as Siemens, McDonald’s, Ikea and Fujitsu. Companies of all scales and sizes have reported the product has saved them hundreds of hours for both migrations and day-to-day management, ultimately freeing up the time of their IT administrators to better manage their digital environments. As companies navigate new and existing complexities caused by diminishing bottom lines, retention issues, staffing cuts and changes, growing cybersecurity threats and more, ShareGate will continue to enable companies to drive efficiencies in their day-to-day operations.  

More information on ShareGate’s new features and enhancements, and how they help enterprise customers and their IT administrators:  

  • Migration and cloud copy: Enables seamless file transfers to M365 environments so talent can work seamlessly, all from one cloud-based location.  
  • Frictionless provisioning: Provides easy-to-use and adoptable templates for IT administrators and enterprise talent to bolster productivity and create a more seamless and consistent digital environment experience.  
  • Reporting engine: Grants access to built-in custom reporting to ensure a centralized, controlled view of the digital environment to assess risks so IT administrators can course-correct proactively or manage issues quickly, whether they’re pertaining to security, permissions data, inventory or usage.  
  • Automation: Automates everyday IT tasks to clean up, organize and govern digital environments, ultimately helping for faster investigations, resolutions and overall management capabilities.  
  • Flexible permissions management: Ensures the right employees have access to the right things to protect sensitive data so members can manage their own environments effectively and efficiently while also providing increased cybersecurity protection through data and file-sharing management and controls. 
  • Administration: Helps IT managers to stop firefighting and move with agility through day-to-day operations to enable productivity through simple, powerful copy actions for SharePoint, Teams and Planner.  

In addition to ShareGate, GSoft also offers enterprise customers two other software products, both designed to lay the groundwork for a premium employee experience. Its other offerings include Softstart, which helps companies facilitate employee onboarding, and Officevibe, which helps companies manage, measure and improve employee engagement.  

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