Ferrari Appears To Have Been Pwned By Hackers As Internal Documents Were Leaked

As reported yesterday by Reuters, Ferrari has stated that some of their internal documents stolen and posted online, although the carmaker declared it had no evidence of a breach of its systems or a ransomware attack. The company also said there had been no disruption to its business and operations:

Earlier on Monday, Corriere della Sera newspaper, citing the Red Hot Cyber website, said Ferrari had been the victim of a cyber attack and seven gigabytes of documents, including internal ones, datasheets and repair handbooks, had been made public.

It added the alleged attack had been carried out by RansomEXX cyber gang.

Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder, BlackFog had this to say:

     “Ferrari isn’t the first company to deny evidence of an attack, and they certainly won’t be the last, in fact many of the ‘cyberattacks’ we track aren’t revealed as ransomware until months later when a data breach has been confirmed. This incident in interesting in that the data has been posted online and the RansomEXX ransomware gang has claimed the attack. This attack emphasizes why companies need to focus on data exfiltration and data security in preventing attacks. Without data, cybercriminals cannot extort organizations, steal trade secrets or cause a data breach.”

I suspect that Ferrari’s tune may change if more evidence comes out that proves that they were pwned. Thus I would say that you should watch for further developments.

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